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Camp Backyard

My camper is a 2004 Coleman Taos purchased new in 2003.

Like a lot of people, I'm never satisfied with stock and so I made some modifications to my camper.

My campsite during the summer when I'm not on a camping trip.

I usually set up at the end of May and put it away in October.

Modifications to the camper.

Water Pump

The original water pump. It was so low to the counter that you could hardly get a glass under it.

The first mod was to make a block to raise the water pump about 1-1/2" which helped a lot.

Due to improper winterizing the original pump developed a leak so I decided to replace it with a foot operated water pump.

New pump in place. The pump is a "Whale Gusher" that I purchased from binnacle.com The faucet I got from Home Depot.

Connected to the water tank. I needed 1/2" water line and I had an extra water hose - one problem solved.

New faucet in place. Hot side connected to outside water supply. Cold side connected to the new pump.

To cover the original holes I made a plate using a piece of 1/8" thick paneling. To make sure the faucet doesn't hit the floor I used the "slugs" from cutting the holes for the water line inside the cabinet under the white cap for the galley support post.

The foot pump lever sticks out of the cabinet about 3 1/2".


I made dividers for under the curb side bench cabinet. Back slot contains the water hoses and extra TP the other slots are for canned and non-perishable foods, paper goods, pans and anything else that will fit. I cut a hole in the center divider to hold a small broom.

This wire basket drawer is for crank handle, gray water hose, lug wrench and the like.


I made a stand to put the potty on to raise it up to a useable height.

This is the potty in the storage position.


To create two rooms at night I used adhesive cup hooks with a 2" base stuck to the ceiling.

I bought a heavy shower curtain at a Family Dollar store for less than ten dollars.

Screen Room

The skirt piece that attaches to the camper is a pain in the butt to put on, and so I decided to make one that was easier to use.

I cut a piece of a tarp that was silver on one side and brown on the other. I cut notches for the boxes over the lift ends and the gas outlet. I made a slot to fit over the step and sewed Velcro to the top edge of the skirt and stuch the other side of the velcro to the camper frame. I also sewed a seam to create the crease at the bottom.